some of my fav HxHs, all of which are femme, who could have foreseen this

yep!! im pretty strong!!

seriously tho all i ask is the right to aggressively tweet about kirugon without thinking “damn i hope this self admitted child rapist isnt reading everything i type i dont wanna private my account again” like seriously i am not the one who should be making myself scarce in this situation. the onus is not on me.

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Questionwhat is hrmznrs new url? Answer

it was, it seems she saw my post and deleted. i hope she takes the fucking hint and leaves this place (and also me) alone for good

im annoyed that i keep posting about Godawful Horseshit on what is supposed to be my draw blog but im so busy im not doing any draws these days so does it matter. maybe ill just post more, less godawful, horseshit on here from now on in addition to draws. i dont really wanna get back into following ppl, but i like being able to type more than 140 characters at a time. shrug

SO! hrmnzr remade another blog and posted another long rambling apology. cool. this is like the 3th time?? i dont really have anything personally to say about whether i “accept” it or not, but i will say this:

the fact that she is posting again on tumblr, AT ALL, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, shows me nothing has changed. by using this website at literally ANY capacity, even using it to “be transparent” about her past abuse, she is making this platform unsafe for her victims. i have said this before, and it’s unbelievable that i have to say it AGAIN (AGAIN again!!!!), but: hrmnzr used this platform to sexually abuse many current tumblr users. this is THEIR community, and by having ANY presence on here she is encroaching on their space and making them feel unsafe. the best thing an abuser can do, the ONLY real amend an abuser can provide for a victim, is to REMOVE THEMSELVES from their victim’s safe spaces. there is no space in this community for abusers. tumblr is not a website that abusers should feel welcome on. there is no room for hrmnzr’s presence here, and there never will be.

i am not saying this as someone speaking for her victims, i am saying this as someone who in the past used this platform a lot socially and wants to make it a safe place for my friends who are still using it. this is completely my personal position, not that of the victims ive talked to and posted accounts of on here. i’ve felt awkward speaking extensively about this because i’m not a victim, but this doesn’t concern only victims, this concerns the safety of everyone using this website. i feel proven abusers have absolutely no place on tumblr, and i will do everything i can to make them feel unwelcome here. hrmnzr needs to delete whatever blogs she has on here, whether she claims they’re being actively used or not, and never use this platform again.

knowing that you are abusive, and still choosing to make yourself present on a place you KNOW you are unwelcome shows me you are the OPPOSITE of sorry. you straight up admit to sexually assaulting minors, and then expect people to be okay with you showing your face on here again??? i don’t care what online communities you choose to occupy in the future, but so long as i have a presence here, so long as people i care about have a presence here, tumblr will not be a safe space for you. there is no choice here. you NEED to leave.


#pedophilia #sexual harassment warnings

this is a post i know myself and others have wanted to make for a while now, but because of certain circumstances we did not have the opportunity to share this until now. however, we believe that we now have enough grounds to talk about this publicly.

whitney (also known as purplefridge) is a sexual predator located in queensland, australia. this has been primarily done through harassing women for nudes (with several of the girls she has harassed being underage), and despite making claims to change her behaviour multiple times it is clear that this is not the case, as this still appears to have been occurring as of late.

this has occurred for a long while now, starting before whitney remade her blog. she would harass others for nudes, even underage girls, and kept a collection of them in their inbox:


more information under the cut;

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look at me, pretending im gonna draw a full figure instead of just a portrait

nono i drew ~a year ago

  1. Camera: iPhone 4
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 3mm


i’ve been talking for awhile about an abuser that goes by adrimnzr (info here). today, after posting some screenshots of their abuse, someone messaged me about how it was similar to the abuse they experienced from another tumblr user, turboshitnerd. this person has also gone by the url whydontihatemarrymyself. his name is ben depue, he lives in tuscon, AZ, and has sent minors repeated sexually aggressive messages, via both skype and tumblr, and threatened them when told to stop. if you’ve been hurt by him, or know someone who has, message me, i’ll keep it anonymous.